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Frontiers in Legal Linguistics

Friday, 25th November 2022

Department of Foreign Language Business Communication,
Building D2, Room D2.2.228

9:15-9:30Opening & welcome address
9:30-10:30Keynote: Mathew Gillings
Using corpus linguistics to study law and language: current trends and future directions
10:45-11:15Daniel Green
Standard form contracts: a corpus-based exploration of AGB usage in Austria
11:15-11:45Garland C. Moore
The needs and requirements for interpreters in court proceedings in Georgia
13:00-14:00Keynote: Georg Kodek
Law and language: some observations on statutory construction and legal discourse
14:15-14:45Jan Engberg
Strategies of popularization of law by a legal institution – the case of the Danish court administration
14:45-15:15Paolo Canavese
Is legal language resistant to change? An NLP-informed micro-diachronic analysis of Swiss legislation in Italian
15:30-16:00Ruth Breeze
Learning to write like a lawyer: A focus on stance
16:00-16:30Alexander Beer & Nigel Reynard
Translating legal texts: pitfalls and peculiarities – a practitioners’ perspective
16:30-17:00Lúcia de Almeida Ferrari
The LEX-BR-Ius corpus: methodological issues and the challenges of compiling a corpus of Brazilian Portuguese legislation
17:00-17:30Closing discussion & farewell

Please note: All times given are CET.