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Public Lecture 18.01.2023

18. Jänner 2023

“WU matters. WU talks.”: Creativity through Communication? How interaction makes us more creative - Ceremonial Hall 1, LC building, Campus WU; and YouTube livestream - 18.01.2023, 18:00

Creativity through Communication?

How interaction makes us more creative

Creativity is highly valued not only in the arts but also in business and other domains of professional practice, and not only individuals but also groups can activate their creative potential. But how does group creativity come about and how can it be encouraged? What kind of communication leads to creative outcomes, and can we identify moments of creativity in interactions and in the language used? We will discuss how creativity is relevant for practice in a variety of domains and consider the role played by communication.

Opening Lecture & Moderation:

Almut Köster, Professor, Institute for English Business Communication, WU Vienna


Sabine Coelsch-Foisner, Professor, Chair of English Literature and Cultural Theory, University of Salzburg

Gerhard Speckbacher, Professor, Head of Department of Strategy & Innovation, WU Vienna

Franziska Strohmayr, Musician

Nico Weiss, Architect

Library & Learning Center, Ceremonial Hall 1
YouTube livestream: https://youtu.be/qwvG4RQrRV0
18.01.2023, 18:00

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