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Public Lecture 13.03.2023

13. März 2023

„Shadowing as a method in management and strategic communication research. Fieldnotes from the shadows.” - ATTENTION: Room has changed. The Lecture will take place in D2.2.228 - 13.03.2023, 18:00

“The research talk relates the author’s own experiences in conducting a shadowing study with communication managers. The author’s doctoral dissertation was inspired by Henry Mintzberg’s famous work and combined a qualitative approach with a quantitative backbone. The talk will present some results, but the focus lies on weighing the pros and cons of the approach, and a problematization of shadowing as a method.”

Howard Nothhaft is associate professor at the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University Campus Helsingborg. He is currently the lead researcher of Campus Helsingborg’s strategic initiative “AI, Cognition and Culture.” His main research interests are strategy, the intersection of strategic communication research with the mind sciences, and counter-disinformation. He has also written extensively about the academic and professional development of the field.

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