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Scientists for Future (S4F) is an environmental initiative, founded and run by a group of scholars from across the German-speaking countries. It is cross-disciplinary in character and international in its reach, with regional and local chapters in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

S4F activities include, but are not limited to, spreading awareness of the scientific consensus on climate change, CO2- and other greenhouse emissions; supporting the Fridays for Future movement; introducing environmental concerns into the higher education curricula; producing resources for teaching and learning; and fostering dialogue with policy makers and the general public.

The group’s “Statement of scientists and scholars concerning the protests for more climate protection” has been signed by nearly 27,000 researchers from a range of academic disciplines.

Please note: If you are a scholar based in Austria and signed the petition in 2019, we kindly ask you to sign again (because of the new data protection regulations). If you have not signed the petition, but would like to, please click here [redirects to a website in German].

Several scholars at WU are actively engaged in S4F, and some of our faculty have been teaching in the interdisciplinary S4F Lectures4Future series.  

Interested in learning more and/or contributing?

Visit the S4F main website:,

or the site dedicated to S4F activities and regional groups in Austria:

S4F Austria is also active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

For management and organization scholars, we further recommend the S4F offspring movement OS4Future.