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SDG 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

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SDG 9 promotes inclusive and sustainable industries, responsible innovation, and resilient infrastructure. As WU students Liliia & Carl remind us, these are crucial elements if we are to pursue sustainable development in today’s fast-moving world. Liliia further stresses the importance of sustainable public infrastructure in urban areas (watch also our videos on SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities) and gives the example of the city of Vienna public transportation network. The students further elaborate on WU initiatives that combine responsible innovation with other sustainability issues, such as ending hunger and malnutrition – the focus on SDG 2, Zero Hunger. Lastly, they note that we, as individuals, should focus less on profit maximization and rather instead purpose and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Video SDG 9 - Liliia & Carl

SDG 9 - Liliia & Carl

In a conversation with STaR project assistant Katerina, Dr. Reinhard Millner, senior researcher and Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Center, explains how his focus on social entrepreneurship relates to this particular goal. He looks at social innovation from a variety of perspectives – how to support social entrepreneurs, how to enable more impact investing, and what impact these efforts can have on society. On a large scale, he says that the public sector can foster and encourage social innovation, while the private sector can make efforts to create inclusive jobs and to support young people through their early career development. As individuals, we can be users of social innovation and ambassadors of innovative solutions that contribute to the SDGs.

Video SDG 9 - Reinhard Millner & Katerina

SDG 9 - Reinhard Millner &…

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