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SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals

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WU students Marisa and Katerina discuss SDG 17, noting that this goal in particular relates deeply to all of the other SDGs since it aims to build meaningful partnerships to further the rest of the goals. It aims to bring together different entities – governments, NGOs, civil society, the private sector, and academia – to create and share knowledge about what works and doesn’t work and to gain different viewpoints. The goal is also about connecting unlimited human resources like creativity, knowledge, and innovativeness. There are many ways we can form partnerships – share best practice examples, connect with people from different places, work with different organizations, or create our own partnerships based on issues that are important to us.

Video SDG 17 - Marisa & Katerina

SDG 17 - Marisa & Katerina

Marisa then interviews Dr. Axel Polleres, Head of the Institute for Data, Process, and Knowledge Management, about his relationship to SDG 17. As a data scientist, Axel Polleres takes open data published by governments and integrates the data and makes indicators within it comparable. By making this data easier to use, businesses can leverage the data to create new sustainable business models. Polleres argues that institutions should stop publishing non-comparable data; however, this is also a challenge, since governments do not want to be made comparable. Therefore, his research aims to encourage this kind of collaboration by showing the many benefits of comparable data.

Video SDG 17 - Axel Polleres & Marisa

SDG 17 - Axel Polleres & Marisa

If we are to achieve the SDG's by 2030 we must all work together to hit the targets. This is why partnerships for the goals are of vital importance. Peter Vandor, the co-founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Centre at WU talks about the Social Impact Award, which he started in 2009 to help social entrepreneurs in Austria flourish. It has now expanded beyond Austria to 20 countries across Europe, Asia & Africa. The program brings to together young social entrepreneurs and provides them with the tools such as workshops to build a business plan, informs them how get funding and to bring their vision of helping people to life. 

Video SDG 17 - Peter Vandor & Katerina

SDG 17 - Peter Vandor & Katerina