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SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

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In this video on SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, STaR project assistant Katerina interviews a project manager, Julia Rusin and a former STaR colleague at RCE Vienna, about the importance of transforming our cities to be more sustainable. Julia says that this issue is particularly urgent, since 55% of the world’s population lives in cities, and this number is yet to grow – it is vital that these urban communities are inclusive, resilient, and safe. Inclusion is particularly important, as sustainability should not just be for the elite or for academics – everyone should be included in the journey towards a more sustainable future for our communities, and policymakers play a big role in facilitating the inclusion of people outside the typical “sustainability bubble”. As individuals, we can do small things like treating our cities as though they were our homes.

Video SDG 11 - Julia & Katerina

SDG 11 - Julia & Katerina

In our second video,STaR project assistant Katerina interviews Laura Hohoff, STaR colleague at RCE Vienna, EU-Project Coordinator and Researcher at WU, who elaborates on the importance of creating resilient and inclusive cities, from the environmental, societal and economic points of view. Laura sees the cities as the melting point of opportunities but also points out that urban areas are responsible for 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. She also addresses the role of start-ups and purpose-driven students in creating and implementing solutions that foster sustainable development. Finally, Laura recommends what actions policymakers, as well as us as individuals, can take to contribute to this goal.

Video STaR


If we wish to continue expanding our cities to make way for our bulging population, we must do so in a safe and sustainable way.  In the below video, Katerina talks to Camille Feliciano, the co-founder of Epiclay, a startup company focuses on the development of living green walls for both indoor and outdoor use. Camille is also a student at WU in the CEMS program. Camille talks to Katerina about how growing up in the Philippines shaped her view of the climate crisis and how she and her team at Epiclay are doing their part to leave behind a better world. 


Video SDG 11 - Camille Feliciano & Katerina

SDG 11 - Camille Feliciano &…

The continuous expansion of cities brings its own unique set of challenges, one of which is increased noise pollution. In the video below, we interview Birgit Van Duvyenbode, WU alumni and founder of REEDuce, a company that focuses on developing ecological noise protection solutions . Birgit also talks about her family’s forestry business and how her experience in Indonesia as an undergraduate exchange  student  shaped her views on sustainability. Birgit and her team are looking forward to selling their product in 2023. 

Video SDG 11 - Birgit van Duyvenbode & Katerina

SDG 11 - Birgit van Duyvenbode &…