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Call for Applications: Full Professor of Health Economics

Description of the Position 

Fulbright Professor

Dr. Elizabeth Strom joined our team since Febuary 2017.

Sustainable Development

Wolfgang Lutz joins independent group of scientists to draft UN Global Sustainability Development Report.

Staatspreis exzellente Lehre

Für Ulrike Schneider und August Österle

Neue Abteilung am Department

"Health Econo­mics and Policy"

New Professorship

We welcome Univ.Prof. Dr. Jürgen Essletzbichler, University Professor of Regional Science, who completes our team from 1 April 2016.

New Professorship

We welcome Univ.Prof. Dr. Sabine Frerichs, University Professor of Economic Sociology, who enriches our team from 1 March 2016.

New Professorship

Univ.Prof. Dr. Simone Ghislandi, University Professor of Health Economics, joined our team in 2016.