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Doctorate PhD program in marketing

Why a WU marketing PhD?

The PhD program in marketing is a research degree program in the WU school of business (department of marketing). The doctoral program in marketing is committed to providing outstanding research training for the world’s most ambitious minds. The primary goal of the doctoral program is to produce researchers who can develop, test, and report significant findings in the field.

Outstanding research is the driving force behind WU's research priorities. As such, the doctoral program in marketing is committed to producing researchers with a broad research base, coupled with a deep understanding of key research questions. Our doctoral students are expected to have academic training, a passion for research, and a profound knowledge of quantitative scientific methods. As such, doctoral students at WU are expected to have master's degrees in related fields such as business, marketing, mathematics, and physics. Doctoral students are also more likely to have held senior management positions.

Research is the driving force behind the mission of WU's school of business. As such, the mission of the marketing department is to advance and disseminate knowledge in the critical fields of business administration, marketing science, and marketing technology. The department's research is guided by a set of guiding principles that emphasize the importance of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The "data driven" marketing model that underlies most marketing research is modeled after the behavior and motivations of businesses and their clients, using computer programs.

The Marketing Department's research is guided by a set of principles that emphasize the importance of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Research is conducted according to the following principles:

  1. Seek out compelling research topic(s)

  2. Maximize the potential influence of research

  3. Gain experiences and tools that will foster your research

  4. Contribute to the quest for research-based knowledge

  5. Encourage the skills that will fuel research

  6. Showcase the work of research in research-related publications in highly rated international journals

  7. Present at international research conferences and seminars

  8. Give talks at academics’ research conferences or symposiums


Vacancies in Research and Teaching Associates positions at the Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism are formally advertised via Faculty members are chosen on the basis of student input and are nominated by the professor. Candidates must also obtain the support of at least two-thirds of the faculty members in our departments. Students need to act and assist in the teaching of marketing courses.

Your PhD supervisor at the marketing department, who is selected by the students for his or her outstanding research output and scholarly reputation, sets the possible research topics. You need an approval for supervision. Future students may also have informal faculty interviews where they may learn about the professor's research interests and responsibilities. Students in the Marketing department are required to complete a research proposal for the Doctoral Program in Marketing within at least the first year. However, students are required to complete this writing sample as soon as possible. They may choose from one of four possible essay themes:

For example, the research proposal includes the following items:

  • Problem setup, topic and particularly past research activity of multinational academics in marketing

  • Statement on the importance of research for marketing

  • Research materials and budget

  • Used research instruments / methods, research tools, and computer software

  • Effective social, instrumental (methods), literature contribution, and to guiding experiences and strategies of practitioners in marketing and sales

  • Potential journals your research in marketing will appear in, tied to the choices that you make

  • etc.

Career Exploration

The doctoral program in marketing begins with students selecting a major topic. By their first year, all students will have chosen a field of study and a major topic. By their second and third years, most students will have developed strong academic records. Students in their first years typically attend research seminars, and also move on to major courses. By their fourth and fifth years, most students should demonstrate outstanding personal capabilities, and then move to major higher academic education goals and institutions of their choice, and a desire to become professors.

According to school policies, and the school's mission and purpose, students are required to attend school-sponsored services such as research seminars, which is in their best interests to develop a strong professional or academic career in marketing. Often, students may also have informal faculty sessions, where they may seek personal advice to discuss their work and to learn about current research at least once a month.

Students are required to complete a years-long program in marketing with a fixed course curriculum. Most classes are scheduled for grade-based academic progression in the program in marketing, but students may choose to take courses in accordance with their individual interests and schedules. Students in their first years typically must attend a few classes with similar curriculums at other universities. The most common are quantitative courses.

Our students in marketing come from a wide variety of international socioeconomic backgrounds, including Americans, Europeans, Asians, Russians, and members of other national and cultural groups.