Software Demos

In our rese­arch projects we develop analy­tical tools which aim at pushing the boun­dary of state-of-the field marke­ting metho­do­logy; many of them are used by data scien­tists and marke­ting analysts around the globe.

Below we offer demons­tra­tions of recently crafted soft­ware tools:

  • BTYD Demo: This demo illus­trates various func­tio­na­li­ties of models included in the CRAN packages BTYD and BTYDplus. The acronym BTYD ("Buy ’Til You Die") stands for a set of models to capture non-­contrac­tual purcha­sing beha­vior and to make predic­tions of important compo­n­ents for calu­cu­la­ting future resi­dual life­time values of indi­vi­dual cust­o­mers (see, e.g., the BG/NBD by Fader & Hardie 2005). The under­lying "story" of these models is that cust­o­mers are buying until they "die" (i.e., become inac­tive as cust­o­mers of the focal firm). Michael Platzer's (2016) BTYDplus package includes recent BTYD enhan­ce­ments, such as Platzer & Reut­terer's (2016) Pareto/GGG and the (M)/BG-CN­BD-k model family.