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Natural language processing in marketing

A common use case for NLP is in marketing. Whether you are a big business looking to make some sales or just someone who is curious as to what kind of impact AI might have on your industry, this is the technology to use. While we don’t believe that NLP is a panacea for every marketing issue, we can confidently say that it is a major contributor to many of them.

Data science and AI

The data science and AI claims are both accurate and are supported by solid scientific evidence. Examples include:

  • Extracting content and metadata from social media

  • Machine translation with pre-processing

  • Sentiment analysis and sentiment generation

  • Analysis of language changes

  • Language generation

  • Chatbots

  • etc.

These AI tools are incredibly powerful and can be used to make or break companies based on the data they produce.

Customer service automation

The advent of the digital assistant has been one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving technological sectors in decades. From the move from typing on a pad of paper to the all-digital assistant, like Alexa, the possibilities are virtually endless.

So it comes as no surprise that various departments, and commercial firms have invested heavily in the growth of chatbots. With more and more businesses investing in data science and AI capable of handling human-machine interactions, it is no surprise that demand for human assistance has also exploded over the last 20 years. In fact, the latest years were the safest for bot purchases globally according to several market researcher Insights.

As a result, companies are using AI to enhance their customer experience on a global scale. Chatbots are integral to this process and provide a human-first, machine-first approach to customer experience.

Natural language processing

Many partners build efficient products and aids in the SEO processes with natural language processing (NLP) using various AI platforms.

NLP is a powerful asset to have in your marketing analytics tool kit. With NLP, you can easily and rapidly semi- or fully automatically identify the customer language patterns and changes that you can detect in your traffic before they become a major issue for your business. NLP-powered engines can also detect major grammatical errors in emails, PR releases, etc., that you can prevent or detect at the language level before they become a major issue for your business. NLP also allows you to generate content. This is accomplished using a processes for automatic elaboration.

Make your brand personality be reputable

NLP-powered software can identify a person or team of people who can provide valuable professional and managerial skillsets for your company. For example, future sales representatives at your company might be selected by automated NLP software based on skills, which ultimately says a lot about our future. In addition to being able to identify different personality types and bring different skills sets to the table, NLP-powered software can also automatically learn and replicate the major attributes of your audience, such as enthusiasm for your brand, need to know more, and so on.

Social media marketing

One of the most important roles that technology plays in modern business is as a data curation tool. This has been true for as long as the game has been played. As the internet has grown in popularity and commerce has spread across the globe, the need for data has only grown. The US is by far the largest market for machine learning and AI, and its use cases are vast. Whether you are a big brand or a small one, know that you can count on NLP to bring valuable insights to your digital marketing strategy.

Conversational bots that make decisions

One of the most important things to have happened in business over the last 20 years is the advent of the chatbot. Its role in changing the game from the CTO perspective has never been greater. The rise of automated conversation bots has been nothing short of amazing. It’s also the driving force behind the emergence of new technologies like NLP.

Voice assistants / using NLP to translate voice into data

The power of NLP lies in its power to unearth natural language processing (NLP) skillsets that were not readily transferable between languages.The goal is to use these NLP systems to achieve a translatable voice transcripts, e.g. from chats or job applications.As we noted above, NLP-powered software can identify a person or team of people who can provide valuable professional and managerial skillsets for your company.