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Artificial intelligence in marketing

AI in marketing is a broad field that encompasses a huge amount of different activities, from personalization of content to marketing chatbots. Some activities are easier than others. However, these various different areas of AI marketing are all interconnected. So, let's take a closer look at how AI in marketing can help marketers boost their sales, return on investment (ROI) and cut costs in the process.

Real-time personalization

AI in marketing is already automating allocating rewards according to customers current location, past purchases, and current buying patterns. However, marketers can take advantage of predictive analytics to learn who will respond best to various marketing messages and who will be most likely to convert. Predictive analytics can be used to suggest customer profiles that can be used to deliver personalized messages to potential customers. For example, if a customer has a lot of dollars in a particular category, AI in marketing can suggest a marketing message that a customer might have missed if it weren't for the fact that the customer is a repeat customer.

AI in marketing is not limited to direct-to-consumer marketing. AI in marketing can be used to serve as a catalyst for conversion rates up to a high level, assuming the AI is trained correctly.

On the strategy side, AI in marketing can help marketers, and sales teams easily segment them, with little to no human labor involved. Many organizations are already operating under this concept, as evidenced by the growth of AI-powered marketing tools.

Furthermore, AI in marketing tools can help marketers easily segment messages, as it automatically classifies them as click bait, or videos as click bait, or categorize images as click bait for marketers, or create custom labels for marketing messages.

AI in marketing for marketers

If you are a marketing executive looking to grow your business, you will find AI in marketing to be a game-changer. AI in marketing can help marketers connect with consumers, boost conversion rates, and even predict future customer segments.

Consider this: According to a recent study, many marketers who used AI for marketing in 2020 said it was a game-changer. In fact, AI is faster than even the most powerful commercial teams’ tools. The opportunities for AI marketing are endless, and AI in marketing is just at the beginning.

AI marketing for marketers

Today's marketers deserve a clear roadmap for how to use AI in marketing, so they can optimize their efforts accordingly. Here are a few ideas to consider for AI marketing in 2020:

AI marketing platform architecture

The AI marketing platform architecture is a key component to understanding how AI will influence marketing in the years to come. AI platforms should be able to provide their own solutions, leveraging data science and advanced algorithms without the need for human resources.

AI in marketing for tech startups

AI in marketing for tech startups is a real possibility, as many of the skills necessary to run a successful AI startup are already being honed by the early adopters of AI. Recently, some very promising AI startups emerged in the space using artificial intelligence architectures in real-time settings, and in other settings to gain smart insights.

Empathy and compassion

AI is able to perceive emotions and thoughts on the part of its users, which makes it an ideal platform for helping clients with mental health issues. AI can also help marketers detect dangerous spikes in demand, thereby easing the supply chain.


In 2021, AI in marketing is expected to replace a high percent of the workload of sales team members in sales and marketing departments, to get smarter insights. AI in marketing for marketers: Today's marketers deserve a clear roadmap for how to use AI in marketing, so they can optimize their efforts accordingly. We presented some ideas to consider for AI marketing above.

Artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence in marketing (AIiM) is a brand new field of study in marketing science. It is a branch of marketing science that combines computer vision, recommender systems, and natural language processing (NLP) to create highly personalized, highly performant solutions that marketers have been begging for. AIiM is like a supercharged version of previous platforms that were first introduced in the 1990s. Today’s AI is faster, more powerful, and more customizable than its predecessors. In fact, AIiM is faster than even the most powerful commercial non AI solutions. Its capabilities are so advanced that it can compete with the best of the best in most scenarios. That is, if its vendors have the resources to invest in the technology.