Research Institute for Regulatory Economics

Research Seminars

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From 2008-2011 the research institute has hosted the "Viennese Research Seminar on Regulated Network Industries". Several times a year the institute provides an opportunity to present research work in this particular field. Whereas relevant discussions have been taking place on an international level, a corresponding discussion forum is missing at the national level. The "Viennese Research Seminar on Regulated Network Industries" is designed to fill that gap.


  • Franz Wirl, "Rationalizations of Oil Price Volatility and Regulatory Implications", 26th of June 2008

  • Anton Burger, "Investieren Stromerzeuger auf liberalisierten Märkten genug? - Peak Load Pricing under Imperfect Competition and Price Caps", 14th of May 2008

  • Gert Brunekreeft, "Eigentumsentflechtung in der Energiewirtschaft: Eine soziale Kosten-Nutzen Analyse", 16th of April 2008

  • Philipp von Geymüller, "Comparing the Credit Default Risk of the Electricity- and Telecom Industries with DEA", 12th of March 2008