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Update on Interreg SIV – Social Impact Vouchers (NPO-Kompetenzzentrum)


SIV is an Interreg Central Europe project with eleven partners in eight countries, which aims to develop new and innovative labour market instruments in the form of social impact vouchers, by involving private investors in addition to public funds. 

The project consortium has been pursuing this mission since the project started in March 2019. After successfully concluding the concept and strategy development phase at the end of the first project year, the project partners are now focusing on specific possibilities of implementing the voucher systems as well as the necessary financial instruments for financing these vouchers in their respective countries. 

For this reason, the partners were supposed to meet in late March in Croatia for a third in-person partner meeting, with the aim to refine the concepts for the implementation of the vouchers and the establishment of the social impact funds. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we were forced to change our plans and instead meet virtually. Even under these circumstances we were able to have inspired and productive meetings, where the partners worked on the further development of these tools for combatting unemployment – a topic, which is now more relevant than ever. Stay tuned for more news on the current status of the vouchers and funds development in the upcoming months.


Flavia-Elvira Bogorin, MSc,

Mag.aEva More-Hollerweger,