Univ.Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer is head of the Insti­tute for Nonpro­fit-­Ma­nage­ment at WU Vienna (Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness). At WU Vienna, he is also member of the academic board of the Profes­sional MBA Program for Social Manage­ment and member of the board of the Compe­tence Center for NPOs and Social Entre­pre­neurship. Besides, he is head of the board of WU's career center.

In 2005 he received a full profes­sor­ship for Nonpro­fit-­Ma­nage­ment at WU. Earlier he worked as an asso­ciate professor for busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion at WU from 2002-2005. In 2001 he received his Habi­li­ta­tion and Venia Docendi in Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion. From 1998 to 2001 he worked as an assis­tant professor at the Depart­ment for Orga­ni­sa­tional Beha­viour at WU.

During the 1990­ties, Michael Meyer acquired metho­do­lo­gical compe­ten­cies and expe­ri­ence in various trans­di­sci­pli­nary rese­arch projects, i.e. "Language and Diplo­macy" toge­ther with socio­lin­gu­istic depart­ment of the Vienna Univer­sity (1994-97) and "Work-­Li­fe-Ba­lance of Mana­gers" (1997-98). From 1992-94 he held the posi­tion of a rese­arch assis­tant at the Insti­tute for Cultural Manage­ment (Vienna Univer­sity for Music and the Perfor­ming Arts), from 1989-92 he worked as a rese­arch assis­tant at WU's Marke­ting Depart­ment. Michael Meyer studied Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion at WU from 1982-88.

In terms of rese­arch, Michael Meyer has published more than 150 academic papers on a variety of issues, mainly focu­sing on nonpro­fit-­ma­nage­ment and gover­nance, the third sector and civil society, careers, and the diffu­sion of manage­ment thin­king into NPOs and its conse­quences. His current rese­arch concen­trates upon gover­nance and mana­ge­ria­lism in NPOs.

Michael Meyer is a member of


  • the Euro­pean Group for Orga­niza­t­ional Studies (EGOS www.egosnet.org),


  • the Academy of Manage­ment (AoM www.aom.org),


  • the Inter­na­tional Society for Third Sector Rese­arch (ISTR www.istr.org),


  • the Asso­cia­tion for Rese­arch of Nonprofit Orga­niza­t­ions and Volun­tary Action (ARNOVA www.arnova.org) and


  • the Verband der Hoch­schul­lehrer für Betriebs­wirt­schaft e.V. (VHB vhbon­line.org).