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Social Entrepreneurship describes innovative entrepreneurial action which aims at solving social challenges.

These actions could be initiated in the form of a new business (start-up) or in the context of existing organisations (social intrapreneurship). The legal structure can vary: some social enterprises are established as an association, others as a company with limited liability. This decision process is guided by potential societal benefits of either legal structure.

E-Graduation: Congratulations to all Social Innovation Management Programme participants!

Last week the third and final module of this year's NGO Academy Social Innovation and Management Programme came to an end. While we were able to carry out the first module in March here in Vienna the…

Podcast Inside Impact - Focus Organizational Resilience

The "Corona crisis" has posed immense challenges for many social enterprises, as well as nonprofit organizations. While there is much talk in the public discourse about the consequences of the…

Good News: FFG funding program Impact Innovation is now available for large organizations!

The Impact Innovation funding program of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) now supports social innovation even more broadly: Since October 1st, 2020, large organizations can also submit and…