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Business analytics education

Business analytics education: Learn about automating and data analysis in education with software like Python.

Business analytics is a data analytics technique that uses analytics to guide business decisions. Businesses need deep data analytics for better decision making based on sound principle and not gut feeling. Data analytics should not only provide data; it should be used to predict future events and steer business decisions in the present.

Predictive Analytics tackles this challenge head-on by training students to use analytics to predict the outcomes of existing business processes and to develop new business strategies using data analytics as a strategic data source. The program teaches the basics of computerized data analysis and how to process and interpret that data for competitive advantage. It approaches the problem from the perspective of a company focused on optimizing its operations through data analytics and financial management.

The program includes several units of study related to analytics and its applications in many areas:

  • Customer analytics

  • Analytics for marketing

  • Analytics for business

  • Analytics for government

  • Business analytics for finance

  • Business analytics for operations

  • Data analytics for medicine

  • Data analytics for IT

  • Data analytics for sales training

  • Data analytics for finance

  • Data analytics for operations

  • Data analytics for sales training

  • Business analytics: essential skills

  • Predictive analytics

  • And more

The courses include:

  • a focus on analytics as a data source for corporate strategy

  • focused on big data as a resource for corporate strategy

  • focused on analytics as a critical tool for corporate strategy

  • meets the global IT transformation required to compete with Information Technology as a resourceful business technology

The courses are designed to impact the future of business analytics through hands-on study and practice.

Course learning outcomes

In our performance program, management students learn to align performance objectives with values and principles of management. Corporate strategy is defined by effective management acting within the context of businesses. Human performance management teaches students to assess their company's current position in relation to others in the growth of the corporate workforce and to make strategic decisions based on measured data and sound judgment. The courses approach the problem from the perspective of a corporate growth manager, who integrates data into strategic planning through use of historical data and studies correlation coefficients to evaluate the impact of policies on data. Key example exercises:

  • Analyze the relationship between two or more variables and identify the best fit line between the two

  • Estimate the appropriate sample for a research question and interpret the results

  • Methods like decision trees, and more

Decision Trees are tree-based data structures that maximize the use of data while minimizing the search for correlations. A decision tree is a data structure that maps nodes in a data set to roots in a tree-valued function. A node in a data set can be thought of as a point in space traveling down a path through which a function takes root.

Deciding how to structure a data set so that nodes in its path can learn from their mistakes and adjust their behavior to match the path taken by their nodes is a common problem in data science.

The courses on methods, taught by WU’s renowned data scientists, emphasizes problem-solving skills required for effective data analysis, and preserves original thought throughout the courses. In the courses, followed by an independent study, WU’s top professors, explore the many areas in which data contains value and develop methods for organizing data to improve business performance. The course explores the many areas in which data contains value for businesses and how to use that data for entrepreneurial decision-making based on sound principle and not gut feeling.

The WU’s educational trust

The WU is a public university, located in Vienna, Austria. A member of the top league, WU is a very young university in Austria, and considers itself to be the prime university in Austria for business education with both undergraduate and graduate studies.

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