Research Seminar

Im Wintersemester 2018/19 findet das Research Seminar des Departments für Management (LV-Nr 1975) zu folgenden Terminen statt / in the Winter Semester 2018/19 the Research Seminar of the Department of Management (LV-Nr 1975) will be held on the following dates:

  • Di, 09.10.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D4.0.019
    Michael Meyer & Mia Raynard
    (WU Vienna): Introduction & Organizational Issues

  • Di, 16.10.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.374
    Vitaliano Barberio
    (WU Vienna): Impact of communication and media representation of EU policy on European identity

  • Di, 23.10.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.326
    Mia Raynard
    (WU Vienna): Academic Writing 

  • Di, 30.10.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.374
    Sebastien Mena
    (Cass Business School): Back to the (sustainable) future? Temporality in organizational identity work

  • 06.11.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D4.0.019
    Nicholas Friederici
    (Oxford Internet Institute): Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Di, 13.11.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.038
    Michael Meyer & Mia Raynard
    (WU Vienna): Mid-Term Wrap-Up

  • Di, 20.11.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.326
    Corinne Post
    (Lehigh University): A Female Leadership Trust Advantage in Times of Crisis: Under What Conditions

  • Di, 27.11.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.326
    Ute Stephan
    (Kings College, London): The Value of Values in Unterstanding the Distinctiveness and Heterogeneity of Social Enterprises

  • Di, 04.12.2018, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.326
    Farah Kodeih
    (Aalto University, School of Business): A place out of time: Countering temporal exclusion in a refugee camp

  • Di, 11.12.2108, 16-19 Uhr, D2.0.374
    Jon Hindmarsh
    (Kings College): Space, sociomateriality and Robot-assisted surgery: Taking interaction seriously

  • Di, 15.01.2019, 16-19 Uhr, D4.0.019
    Bryant Hudson
    (IESEG School of Management): Collective rage, power, and institutions: Examining the processes of institutional disruption, defense and reaction

Für Informationen zur Absolvierung des Research Seminars als Lehrveranstaltung kontaktieren Sie uns bitte per email unter martha.schöberl@wu.ac.at / for information on how the research seminar can count as a doctoral seminar please contact martha.schöberl@wu.ac.at