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European Scientific Legal Tech Summit

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The first European Scientific Legal Tech Summit will take place at WU Vienna on 23 May 2024. This one-day conference will bring together international experts on legal tech, AI and the rule of law, creating a scientific platform for discussing the use of technology in the application and enforcement of the law.

Under the general topic of "Automating the Rule of Law", the Summit will consist of three parts:

  • Part 1: Accessibilty, Inclusivity & Efficiency
    Plenary presentations

  • Part 2: Proportionality, Equality & Accountability
    Parallel sessions on the potential of AI for the elimination of discrimination and bias, the use of AI in legal decision-making and privacy in the age of LLMs

  • Part 3: Automating the Rule of Law: options & challenges
    Panel Discussion

Detailed program and further information via Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien: European Scientific Legal Tech Summit 2024 - WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Funded by the Vienna Business Agency. A service offered by the City of Vienna.