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Admission to our SBWL “Digital Marketing”

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Let’s get straight to the point here!


To be admitted to the Digital Marketing specialization (SBWL), we need your application for further consideration. Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints and high demand, we cannot offer every student a place. Each semester we currently accept 45 students based on their best fit for the specialization in a selection procedure that is regularly aligned with the student union.


Below you find information on the selection criteria we use (admission requirements) and how the application process works (application procedure). If you still have open questions, please first visit the webpage “Contact & FAQs” and check whether you can find the answer there before emailing us.

Admission requirements

The selection criteria used for admission are based on two components: (1) Your official WU course grades and (2) your statements and evidence on your Digital Marketing skills you provide us when applying.

WU Course Grades: For our assessment of the first component you simply need to allow us to request and access your current grade transcript from WU’s Study Service Center. You can do this by registering for the specialization via LPIS (Lehrveranstaltungs-​ und Prüfungsinformationssystem; see below). Note that with your registration you automatically agree to release your current grade transcript for our evaluation. There is not more you need to do at this point, just please make sure that all required grades are listed in your transcript when you apply. We apologize that we cannot accept grades provided at a later stage of the procedure.

Digital Marketing Skills: An important part of our efforts to create an ideal learning environment relates to a balanced mix of ambitious students that fit well with the objectives of our specialization. Since our aim is to prepare students to master the specific challenges of marketing managers in dynamic and technology-driven business environments, proven skills in marketing research and business analytics are certainly an asset.

But there are numerous other skills that are relevant and qualify you for your digital marketing experience. For example, if you are engaged in running a (or even your own) digital business, completed a relevant internship with a company, obtained specific programming skills, experience in handling rich datasets or in working with digital communication technologies.

Here is an example for a typical skill we are looking for: “During my internship with a delivery service company I gained experience with search engine advertising and analyzing conversion statistics for their webshop. In my digital marketing specialization at WU I would like to further sharpen my analytical skills and apply them in the digital marketing lab. Attached you can find a reference letter from my supervisor as proof for the claimed skill.”

There are numerous other skills that demonstrate a good fit with the focus of our specialization (see our webpage for more details) and qualify you for the program. Think about them carefully and please just note that you will be asked to provide solid proofs of your skills and experience.

Application Procedure

To apply please follow the below list of steps for a successful application:

Step 0Get the info you need to make your decision!You can get more information on this website, at the ÖH SBWL Messe, and on our LinkedIn page.
Step 1Register via LPIS
29.08. to 02.09.2024
Register for the course SCHRÖDER N.: “Access to SBWL: Digital Marketing“ via LPIS.
Important: Due to technical requirements, you need to register for the course at least 24 hours before the registration deadline! By registering for the course, you give us the right to view your previous grades from the Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung.
Important: Mere registration does not mean that you have been admitted to our SBWL!
Step 2Complete submission form and upload documents at canvas@wu "Access to Specialization Digital Marketing"
Starting around 30.08. to 04.09.2024
Step 3Beginning to inform students
beginning 09.09.2024
As soon as the time window for applications closes, we will examine all applications and inform you shortly after whether you have been accepted to our SBWL.
If you have been accepted, you can start preparing for the upcoming semester. Please remember to sign up for courses 1 & 2.

We are very much looking forward to your application and wish you the best of luck!