ERMAC Keynote Speakers

"This was a wonderful confe­rence, and I was impressed with the energy and enthu­siasm it is brin­ging to rese­arch at the inter­sec­tion of manage­ment accoun­ting and general manage­ment. I really enjoyed being part of this commu­nity and cont­ri­bu­ting to the trajec­tory of young scho­lars engaged in rese­arch at this inter­sec­tion."

Dennis W. Campbell

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"Coming from manage­ment, it was fantastic to see cutting edge rese­arch presented by manage­ment accoun­ting control scho­lars. The ERMAC confe­rence is crea­ting a unique commu­nity at the inter­sec­tion of manage­ment and mana­ge­rial accoun­ting rese­arch."

Laura B. Cardinal

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"The ERMAC confe­rence was a great mix of prac­tice and theory, prac­ti­tio­ners and acade­mics, and young and expe­ri­enced rese­ar­chers. Worth atten­ding it."

Antonio Dávila

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"It was a great plea­sure to be able to engage in the debat with manage­ment accoun­ting and manage­ment scho­lars on new (and over­lap­ping) direc­tions that these fields are heading in to."

Henri Dekker

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"I found the ERMAC Confe­rence to be one of the most useful confe­rences for young scho­lars that I have ever attended. The informal, inter­ac­tive discus­sions between senior and junior faculty members and the parti­ci­pa­ting doctoral students that followed each paper presen­ta­tion provided the ideal forum for deve­lo­ping new rese­arch ideas and impro­ving ongoing projects. When combined with the parti­ci­pa­tion of prac­ti­tio­ners, ERMAC provides a powerful setting for advan­cing cuttin­g-edge manage­ment accoun­ting rese­arch."

Christopher D. Ittner

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"The commu­nity of young scho­lars around ERMAC is a lively group, eager to share new ideas and explore impro­ve­ments in rese­arch methods. They have signi­fi­cant poten­tial to trans­form the land­scape of accoun­ting rese­arch in Europe."

Joan Luft

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"The presen­ta­tions at the ERMAC confe­rence were uniformly excel­lent, and the enga­ge­ment with the parti­ci­pants was outstan­ding. It was a plea­sure to be part of the confe­rence."

Kenneth A. Merchant

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"The ERMAC confe­rence is amazing! The blend of accoun­ting and manage­ment perspec­tives coupled with the smaller size of the gathe­ring helps to create rich discus­sions and insights. The energy brought by the doctoral students and others is infec­tious. My own work bene­fited greatly from parti­ci­pa­ting in this exciting confe­rence. I can’t wait to return!"

Chet Miller

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"WU/IFU has succeeded in setting up a confe­rence that is a valuable addi­tion to the list of confe­rences for manage­ment accoun­ting rese­ar­chers. Espe­cially those inte­rested in the link between manage­ment accoun­ting and manage­ment should block their calendar."

Frank Moers

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"ERMAC is a wonderful forum for learning, cros­s-­col­la­bo­ra­tion and inspi­ra­tion for inno­va­tive rese­arch across disci­plines."

George Serafeim

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"This confe­rence provided a good oppor­tu­nity and wonderful expe­ri­ence to learn and talk about manage­ment accoun­ting rese­arch and for me to help new manage­ment accoun­ting scho­lars develop their own rese­arch."

Michael Shields

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"The ERMAC Confe­rence is a unique venue for those with an inte­rest in orga­niza­t­ional control and in drawing upon a wide variety of disci­plines and perspec­tives to better under­stand the pheno­menon. Presen­ta­tions and discus­sions were inte­res­ting and enga­ging, with parti­ci­pants grap­p­ling with important, new problems."

Sim B. Sitkin

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“It was great to have the rare oppor­tu­nity to see presen­ta­tions from both accoun­ting and manage­ment scho­lars, and to partake in discus­sions among them.”

Wim A. Van der Stede

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I thoroughly enjoyed the ERMAC confe­rence. I found the confe­rence design, which included smal­l-group exch­anges with PhD students, to faci­li­tate stimu­la­ting and though­t-­pro­vo­king discus­sions in a friendly envi­ron­ment. The inti­macy of the confe­rence encou­raged inter­ac­tions and rela­ti­ons­hip­-buil­ding amongst the atten­dees. I highly recom­mend PhD students and scho­lars inte­rested in manage­ment, manage­ment accoun­ting, and control to attend the confe­rence if the oppor­tu­nity arises; if the oppor­tu­nity pres­ents itself for me to return, I would certainly do so! Thanks to Gerhard Speck­ba­cher, WU, and Karin Zemanek for orga­ni­zing such a terrific confe­rence.

Sally K. Widener

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“While this is an all-a­round amazing confe­rence, I espe­cially enjoyed the oppor­tu­nity it provides to talk to new scho­lars about their crea­tive rese­arch ideas in a small group setting.”

Michael Williamson

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