Mission Statement

Research in various fields of business education, as well as teaching a wide variety of courses are the main tasks of the institute. Our research projects mainly focus on issues of economic and financial literacy, enhancing teaching and learning, innovative and teaching methods and media.

The teaching portofolio is even more diverse. It covers courses for

  • the Master Program

  • the Bachelor Program

  • the Social Skill Program

  • AMC I

The philosophy behind business education training in Vienna entails both tradition and innovation. Business Education graduates are experts of planning, implementing and carefully reflecting teaching and learning processes on economic topics (Business Management and Economics) in both educational and business context.

Although the program prepares students to become teachers at Austrian secondary scholls, the training also provides professional knowledge of business management, which enables our graduates to find positions in many other business fields (e.g. personnel development, consultancy).

The career opportunities for Business Education graduates include positions:

  • at professional full-time schools (e.g.: Business Colleges and Business Schools)

  • in Human Resources department in companies

  • in the field of public and private organisations

  • educational management and educational policy

  • Consultancyand Accounting

This broad portfolio of skills is the reason for the excellent job opportunities, the Business Education graduates have had in the last decades and although the current job market situation is challenging, our graduates still have outstanding career prospects.

The Institute for Business Education is interdisciplinarily orientated and therefore combines economics, teaching methodologies and psychological aspects. This orientation is documented within all three central aspects of the institute: Research, teachers training and further education.