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Welcome to the Institute of Analytical Economics

Mission Statement

The Institute for Analytical Economics is part of the Department of Economics.

Members of the Institute for Analytical Economics work on a broad spectrum of topics in modern economic theory and policy. Our methods are primarily theoretical, model-based analysis, complemented by empirical and experimental studies. Current research topics include:

  • Evolutionary, behavioral, and experimental game-theoretical approaches to the emergence of cooperation and trust in strategic interactions. (Ulrich Berger, Peter Bednarik)

  • Modeling of interactions in voting and strategic approach of media capture. (Charles Louis-Sidois)

  • Microeconomic foundations of the monetary and financial sector from a regulatory perspective. (Guido Schäfer)

  • Theory and policy of social security, especially the analysis of interactions between social security systems, the labor market, and the capital market, and the question of social security reform in response to demographic change. (G. Michael Winkler)


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