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ESPAnet Austria

ESPAnet (The European Net­work for So­cial Policy Ana­lysis) is an as­so­ci­ation of aca­dem­ics in­volved or in­ter­ested in the ana­lysis of so­cial policy in Europe. The Net­work en­cour­ages and fosters a mul­ti-dis­cip­lin­ary ap­proach to the ana­lysis of European so­cial policy. It is there­fore open to people from a range of dis­cip­lines, in­clud­ing so­cial policy, so­ci­ology, polit­ical science, in­ter­na­tional re­la­tions, his­tory, law and eco­nom­ics.

Not least through its an­nual con­fer­ences, ESPAnet aims to fa­cil­it­ate ex­change and co-­op­er­a­tion among so­cial policy ana­lysts in Europe. The 2019 con­fer­ence en­titled "So­cial Cit­izen­ship, Migra­tion and Con­flict – Equal­ity and op­por­tun­ity in European wel­fare states" will take place at the Uni­versity of Stock­holm/Sweden from 5-7 Septem­ber.

ESPAnet Aus­tria

In ad­di­tion to the Europe wide ESPAn­et-­com­munity, several coun­tries and re­gions foun­ded na­tional ESPAnet as­so­ci­ations. This also ap­plies to Aus­tria.

Just like ESPAnet, ESPAnet Aus­tria en­cour­ages and fosters a mul­ti-dis­cip­lin­ary ap­proach to the aca­demic ana­lysis of European so­cial policy.

Par­tic­u­larly, ESPAnet Aus­tria aims to

  • en­cour­age and foster a mul­ti-dis­cip­lin­ary ap­proach to the ana­lysis of Aus­trian so­cial policy,

  • sup­port young re­search­ers in devel­op­ing and im­prov­ing their skills and know­ledge in ana­lys­ing so­cial policy,

  • en­hance vis­ib­il­ity of so­cial policy re­search in Aus­tria.

ESPAnet Aus­tria fo­cuses on so­cial policy in Aus­tria, on Aus­trian so­cial policy in a com­par­at­ive, European and global per­spect­ive as well as on in­ter­na­tional and supra­na­tional so­cial policy and its role for Aus­trian so­cial policy.

If you are in­ter­ested in the activ­it­ies of ESPAnet Aus­tria, and/or if you want to be in­cluded in our mail­ing list, which in­forms of up­com­ing ESPAnet Aus­tria events, please con­tact: espan­