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Research Seminars

Research Seminars "Intercultural Communication und Intercultural Learning"

Since 2003, the working groups "Intercultural Learning" and "Intercultural Communication" at the Humboldt University in Berlin, University of Dresden, University Hildesheim (all Germany) and at WU have been cooperating on research seminars. The seminar programs and abstracts of the individual talks can be found in the following PDF downloads (in German, English or Russian): 

Starting with the 2007 Seminar, selected contributions are published on the WU EPub platform, under: WU Online Papers in International Business Communication / Series One: Intercultural Communication and Language Learning (full text PDF files). The contributions of the 9 Seminar are published by Olga Rösch in "Interkulturelle Studien zum osteuropäischen Sprach- und Kulturraum" (Berlin: News@Media 2011).

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