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Social Impact Award

More and more students are interested in social entrepreneurship and establish new impact-focused projects and ventures. The Social Impact Award (SIA) supports these projects. It encourages students to develop their own ideas for ventures that solve social problems in an entrepreneurial and creative way. Through the award they are also provided with expertise, networks and resources. The award was founded at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation) in 2009 and has established itself in more than 20 countries to this day. The Social Entrepreneurship Center supports SIA in several ways: with train-the-trainer-workshops, events for participants or yearly project evaluations. Moreover, the Social Entrepreneurship Center is involved in the conceptualisation and implementation of the screening for SIA Austria. Subsequently, the Social Entrepreneurship Center draws up a shortlist of finalists together with the screening team. In addition, Peter Vandor is one of the SIA jury members.

Social Impact Award


Dr. Peter Vandor

Peter Vandor

Head of Social Entrepreneurship Center, Senior Researcher
Responsibilities: Co-founder and Head of the Social Entrepreneurship Center. Research: Social entrepreneurship, migrant entrepreneurship, mental wellbeing and internationalisation among social entrepreneurs, civil society in CEE Founder of Social Impact Award.