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Focus Volunteering

Many social enterprises and NPOs rely heavily on the work of volunteers. Almost half of all Austrians over 15 have already been involved in voluntary work. Nevertheless, many NPOs struggle to find suitable volunteers.

In our focus on volunteer work we talked to experts from the field and science about the role of volunteer work in Austrian civil society. We looked at the opportunities and difficulties of working with volunteers.

Have fun listening, episode 13 is in English!

Episode 20 in German with Anna Lena Koch and Dr.in Hanna Schneider (Vienna University of Economics and Business):

Episode 14 in German with Paul Rameder (Vienna University of Economics and Business):

Episode 13 in English with Karolina Kartus (Social Held):

Episode 12 in German with Jonas Dinger (Social Impact Award Austria):

Episode 11 in German with Constanze Arming (Volunteering@WU):

Episode 10 in German with Elias Schaden (affido GmbH):

Episode 9 in German with Eva More-Hollerweger (Vienna University of Economics and Business):