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Focus Organizational Resilience

The "Corona crisis" has posed immense challenges for many social enterprises, as well as nonprofit organizations. While there is much talk in the public discourse about the consequences of the "lockdown" for our economy, the team of the Social Entrepreneurship Center focuses on how non-profit organizations and social enterprises are dealing with the crisis and what can be learned for the future.

Therefore, we take a closer look at the factors that contribute to the flexibility and crisis security of Austrian NPOs and social enterprises. To mark the occasion, the Inside Impact team will focus the following episodes on the topic of organisational resilience.

Episode 15 is in English! Enjoy listening.

Episode 19 in German with Hannah Lux (Vollpension):

Episode 18 in German with Philipp Aiginger-Evangelisti and Matthias Weichhart (FFG):

Episode 17 in German with Raphaela Egger (Plasticpreneur):

Episode 16 in German with Walburga Fröhlich (Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria):

Episode 15 in English with Mia Raynard (Vienna University of Economics and Business):