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Social Entrepreneurship describes innovative entrepreneurial action which aims at solving social challenges.

These actions could be initiated in the form of a new business (start-up) or in the context of existing organisations (social intrapreneurship). The legal structure can vary: some social enterprises are established as an association, others as a company with limited liability. This decision process is guided by potential societal benefits of either legal structure.

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Looking back: Interreg SIV Policy & Practice Conference

What role can private donors play in the fight against unemployment? This question was the focus of the Policy & Practice Conference at WU Vienna on May 03, 2022. The conference marked the conclusion…

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Second run: WU Professional Master Social Innovation & Management

The WU Executive Academy offers a Professional Master in Social Innovation & Management in cooperation with the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship at the Vienna…

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Social Entrepreneurs and Burnout - Peter Vandor in a podcast from Deutschlandfunk

Social entrepreneurs have a high standard: they want to make a social contribution with their business - and earn money with it. Per se, this is not an easy undertaking, and the global pandemic has…

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Start of the new Professional Master Social Innovation and Management

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Professional Master Social Innovation & Management (PM SIM) program. This master's program represents a collaboration between the NGO Academy located at…

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Magenta TUN enters 10th round with 50,000 euros for sustainable projects

Until March 4, 2022, startups, companies, research institutions, non-profit organizations as well as private individuals can prove their visions and submit their projects to…

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MEGA Academy kicks-off the second round

On January 19, 2022, MEGA Academy started its second round with a Kick-Off and Leadership Circle. With the Leadership & Scaling Program of MEGA Academy, the MEGA Bildungsstiftung supports the…

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SEWF Academic Forum 2021: Findings on Social Enterprise Internationalisation

Magdalena Winkler and Martin Mehrwald presented selected findings on the topic at the SEWF Academic Forum 2021.

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NGO Academy Keynote with Prof. Rob Reich: The Promise and Peril of Philanthropy in an Age of Growing Inequality

When the world’s wealthiest man at the turn of the 19th century – John D. Rockefeller – sought to create a gargantuan foundation bearing his name, he was showered with public scorn and criticism by…

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Why Immigrants Are More Likely to Become Entrepreneurs - Peter Vandor's study in Harvard Business Review

Why is it that so many immigrants take the risk of starting a company? A study by Social Entrepreneurship Center's Peter Vandor provides insights.

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Panel Talk @OECD Conference “The Social and Solidarity Economy: From the Margins to the Mainstre

The Social Entrepreneurship Center was invited to speak at the international conference “The Social and Solidarity Economy: From the Margins to the Mainstream” hosted by the OECD from 13 to 16…