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Collaborate on Research Projects: Empowering Future Leaders to Tackle Grand Challenges

At the Institute for Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business (RSGB-I), we recognize the immense value of collaborative efforts between academia and the corporate world. We actively seek partnerships with forward-thinking organizations that share our vision of driving positive change through research and innovation.

Why Collaborate with Us?

  1. Cutting-edge Research Expertise: By collaborating with RSGB-I, your organization gains access to our renowned researchers and their diverse expertise across various disciplines. Our team has a proven track record of conducting rigorous and impactful research on pressing sustainability challenges.

  2. Addressing Problems Facing Practitioners: We believe that research should have impact on management practice. By collaborating with RSGB-I, you can collaborate with our experts to identify and address key sustainability issues specific to your industry or organization. Together, we can develop innovative solutions that drive positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes.

  3. Access to Networks and Resources: Through our extensive network of academic and industry partners, RSGB-I provides unique opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. We offer access to cutting-edge resources, data sets, and industry insights that can support your organization's sustainability initiatives.

  4. Enhancing Corporate Reputation: Partnering with RSGB-I demonstrates your commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. It showcases your organization as a leader in the field, dedicated to creating positive social and environmental impacts across borders. This collaboration can enhance your corporate reputation and attract stakeholders who prioritize sustainability.


How Can We Collaborate?

  1. Joint Research Projects: Collaborate with RSGB-I on research projects that align with your organization's sustainability goals and challenges. Together, we can explore innovative solutions, develop best practices, and generate valuable insights to drive sustainable business practices internationally.

  2. Data Sharing and Analysis: Share relevant data and information with RSGB-I to contribute to our research efforts. Our academic experts analyze and interpret the data to provide actionable recommendations that support your sustainability strategies.

  3. Workshops and Training: Participate in workshops, training programs, and seminars organized by RSGB-I. These initiatives offer opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn from experts, and foster collaborations among diverse stakeholders.

  4. Speaking Engagements, Corporate Training, and Consulting: We offer advisory services and customized training programs to a wide range of clients and share our expertise at corporate events with key notes and other formats.


Get Involved Today

Join us in shaping a sustainable future through impactful research collaborations.

Contact us at rsgb@wu.ac.at to explore how your organization can collaborate with RSBG-I. Together, we can create a better world for generations to come.

Share Your Insights and Experiences with Our Faculty and Students: Corporate Presentations or Guest Lectures

At the Institute for Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business (RSGB-I), we believe in the power of knowledge exchange and collaboration between academia and industry. As a corporate partner, you have the opportunity to share your expertise, insights, and experiences by giving corporate presentations or guest lectures to our students and academic community. This engagement provides a platform to inspire and educate the next generation of responsible leaders.

Why Give Corporate Presentations or Guest Lectures?

  1. Thought Leadership and Visibility: By delivering corporate presentations or guest lectures at RSGB-I, you position your organization as a thought leader in responsible and sustainable business practices. Sharing your insights and experiences demonstrates your commitment to driving positive change and inspires students and faculty members alike.

  2. Talent Attraction and Recruitment: Presenting at RSGB-I allows you to connect with top talent in the field of responsibility and sustainability. Your presence can attract highly motivated individuals who share your organization's values, thereby providing recruitment opportunities and fostering long-term partnerships.

  3. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration: Giving corporate presentations or guest lectures fosters an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration between academia and industry. You can contribute to the academic discourse, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaborate on research or innovation projects with our faculty and students.

  4. Impactful Education and Training: Your insights and practice examples enrich the educational experience for students pursuing degrees in responsibility- and sustainability-related fields.


By sharing practical applications of responsible and sustainable business practices, you contribute to the development of future leaders who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to create positive change.

How Can Corporate Partners Get Involved?

  1. Corporate Presentations: Engage with our students by delivering corporate presentations on topics relevant to responsible and sustainable business practices. These presentations can highlight your organization's sustainability initiatives, best practices, challenges, and success stories. They provide a platform for sharing insights and engaging in dialogue with students and faculty members.

  2. Corporate partner project: Work with our students to develop research and solutions to key responsibility and sustainability related issues faced by your organization. These are an integral part of the programs that we offer. They provide students with valuable practical experience, and provides fresh insights to be developed from the next generation of leaders. The students are also mentored and supervised by academic faculty throughout the project.

  3. Guest Lectures: Share your expertise by delivering guest lectures on specific responsibility and sustainability-related subjects. You can provide in-depth insights, practical examples, and case studies from your industry. Guest lectures enrich the academic curriculum and expose students to hands-on applications of responsible and sustainable business practices.

  4. Panel Discussions and Workshops: Participate in panel discussions or workshops organized by RSGB-I. These interactive sessions offer opportunities for cutting-edge discussions, collaborative problem solving, and knowledge exchange among industry professionals, academics, and students.

  5. Mentoring and Networking: Extend your involvement beyond presentations by offering mentoring opportunities to students. This can include one-on-one mentoring, internship programs, or participation in networking events where students have a chance to connect with professionals in the field.


Join Us in Inspiring Future Responsible Leaders

By giving corporate presentations or guest lectures at RSGB-I, you play a crucial role in shaping the mindset and skill set of future responsible leaders. Contact us today to explore how your organization can contribute to the educational journey of our students and share your insights with RSGB-I. Together, we can inspire positive change and build a sustainable future.