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About us


The Institute for Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business (RSGB-I) is a leading research and education institution dedicated to advancing responsible and sustainable global business practices. Positioned at the intersection between global business, sustainability and corporate responsibility, the institute focuses upon responsibility and sustainability of global business in tackling grand societal challenges.

The RSGB-I aims to produce impactful research spanning across levels (global, regional, national, organizational and individual) and across borders (cultural, institutional, economic, etc.). Because of the complexity of grand challenge issues, the institute actively encourages multi-disciplinary and multi-level approaches, to gain a more holistic understanding of societal grand challenges, and the systems within which these challenges exist.

The RSGB-I conducts research on a wide range of global sustainability issues and offers education and training programs for students, business leaders, policymakers, and civil society organizations.

The RSGB-I works closely with companies from various industries, as well as organizations in the public and non-profit sector, to develop sustainable business practices, reduce their environmental impact, and promote social responsibility. The institute also engages in advocacy and policy work to influence global governance frameworks and promote sustainable development.

Overall, the RSGB-I plays a critical role in advancing global responsible and sustainable business practices, which are essential for creating a more equitable and sustainable global economy.