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Robert Zniva

Adjunct Research Fellow & Lecturer

Robert Zniva is a graduate of the University of Vienna with a degree in International Business Administration, and a major in Marketing and Industrial Management. Prior to coming to WU, he worked for the Austrian Economic Chambers in Vienna and Tokyo, a business consultancy, and the marketing department of Manner & Comp AG (an Austrian candy manufacturer). In 2008 he participated in the project “Aging Society” at the Institute for Retailing and Marketing, a project funded by the city of Vienna to investigate the impact of demographic changes on the city’s population. He rejoined the Institute as a Research Assistant in 2010. Robert was a Visiting Scholar at the David F. Miller Center for Retailing Education and Research at the University of Florida (2013, 2014 and 2015) and the GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation at Arizona State University (2015).  In 2016 he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Retailing and Marketing at WU Vienna. In 2017 he joined the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences as a Senior Lecturer and Researcher. He stays connected to the Institute of Retailing and Marketing as Lecturer & Adjunct Research Fellow.

His teaching and research interests are anchored in Marketing Research, Service Marketing, Social Media and Consumer Behavior. His recent research revolves around changes in consumer behavior of older consumers in retailing. In this line of research, he is particularly interested in the impact of aging processes on consumers, retailing services and generally the retailing environment.   Results of his research projects have been presented at major Marketing conferences like ACR North American Conference, AMA Summer Marketing Educator Conference, European Marketing Association Conference (EMAC), Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, the Global Marketing Conference (GMC) and the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Marketing Confernce.  

Roberts’s research efforts have been financially supported by several scholarships and grants. So far, he has received the Atlantis Scholarship of the NEURUS Fellows Program (2013), the WU High Potential Contact Weeks Scholarship (2015) and the WU Mobility Scholarship (2013/14). His research projects won substantial financial support from the Vienna Anniversary Fund and the Science Fund of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.   He was awarded the "Vienna Prize for Retailing Research 2008" for his diploma thesis entitled “The Impact of Aging on Consumer Behavior.” In 2011, he also received an award for excellent teaching from the WU Vienna (together with Eva Lienbacher and Stefan Wiesel-Severin). Furthermore, he received the "WU Award for Special Achievements in Research and Teaching" (together with Eva Lienbacher) and the “Prize of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce 2015” (together with Stefan Wiesel-Severin).

Areas of Expertise & Research Topics