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Impact Analysis in Aid to the Homeless - Christian Grünhaus at the BAWO Symposium 2022
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Impact and Social Impact in Assistance to the Homeless and Housing Security

Christian Grünhaus led a working group at the BAWO Symposium 2022, which took place from 9-11 May 2022. After an introduction, 25 participants worked on concrete impacts, impact indicators and their recording in various working groups. In the presence of the participants, a very fruitful exchange took place, which led to creative and sensible solutions for the recording and presentation of impacts, for example in securing housing. Landlords and property managers were the focus of attention at two tables.

Housing security also played a major role in one of the keynotes on the third day. For 825,000 people in Austria, housing costs are a heavy burden. 228,000 people have rent arrears. A lot is at stake, not just money.  But that is now being made available to combat the problem. Marc Pointecker and Andrea Zierler from the Ministry of Social Affairs presented the housing umbrella, a nationwide project endowed with 24 million euros to support people with covid-related rent arrears.

In line with our repeated demand to quantify effects, Freek Spinnewijn, Director of FEANTSA, also gave a statement. He gave an interesting insight into where the topic of homelessness and housing plays a role at EU level and said: "If you don't have data it is less probable that EU focuses on the topic".

In this sense, we will continue to work on collecting information and especially data on effects in housing security, homeless assistance and generally in the social sector and NPOs.

In these projects we have dealt or are currently dealing with this topic:

Impact Analysis of Viennese Assistance to the Homeless
SROI analysis of FAWOS (Fachstelle für Wohnsicherung Wien)
SROI Analysis of Kolping Mother and Child Facilities

    Click here for the website of the organiser of the conference: https://bawo.at/

    The Ministry of Social Affairs has launched the Housing Umbrella Programme, which is dedicated to the issue of housing security: https://www.sozialministerium.at/Themen/Soziales/Soziale-Themen/wohnungssicherung.html