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Zero Conference Vienna - "One voice for everybody”

Christian Grünhaus (former Schober) presented first results of the project "One Voice for Everyone" at the forum "Accessability Data and SDG".

The aim of this project was to test survey instruments and survey situations for people with cognitive impairment. Social statistics currently do not collect information on these people in the context of quality-of-life surveys. The presentation focused on "easy language" and visual design of the questionnaire and scales as well as the overall survey situation. Building trust between the interviewee and the interviewer is often not as easy as it usually is for people with disabilities. In addition, the ability to concentrate is somewhat limited compared to average situations, which has an effect on the length and complexity of the survey. Breaks, for example, are also a proven method here.

Questions and a lively discussion with other panellists showed the importance of the topic for the community.

Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Christian Grünhaus

Christian Grünhaus

Academic Director, Senior Researcher (prev. Schober)
Responsibilities: Work and research focus: Evaluation, SROI analyzes, financing, donation behavior, job satisfaction and motivation, care for the elderly, care for the disabled and accessibility