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Mag.a Selma Sprajcer

Selma Sprajcer
Head of Division People with Disabilities
Senior Researcher

Phone: +43 1 31336 / 5112
E-mail: selma.sprajcer@wu.ac.at

"NPOs in the sector of people with disabilities are significant in the social field and diverse in terms of their fields of activity. Over time, they have undergone a paradigm shift. The path has led from caring and providing for people with disabilities to self-determination and further to full participation in society. But do they pose new challenges for future social and socio-political developments in this respect?"

Selma Sprajcer is a senior researcher and has been working as a researcher at the Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship since 2011. She started her professional career in the nonprofit sector the Institute for Interdisciplinary Nonprofit Research. The focus of her work is on people with disabilities and volunteer work. She studied sociology with a focus on cultural and migration sociology in combination with political science at the University of Vienna.

Main areas of research and research interests:

  •     Topics in the field of people with disabilities and accessibility

  •     Voluntary work

  •     Civil Society

  •     Scientific monitoring of projects