Blick in das LC Gebäude

Research Talk by Peter Verhoef, University of Groningen (NL)


Peter Verhoef from the University of Groningen (NL) presented the results of his research in the area of customer journey analytics in our Research Seminar Series on October 11, 2018. In his talk, he presented the results of various studies that analyze the path to purchase in digital environments, where the increasing penetration of mobile devices has a significant impact on customers’ online shopping behavior, with customers frequently switching between mobile and fixed devices on the path to purchase. The first part of the talk was concerned with the results of a segmentation study on touchpoint usage in the path to purchase, showing the existence of multiple touchpoint-segments and the increasing usage of mobile in specific segments. The second part of the talk was concerned with the role of mobile devices in the purchase journey and particularly with the relationship between device switching and conversion rates. The results showed that when customers switch from a more mobile device, such as a smartphone, to a less mobile device, such as a desktop, their conversion rate is significantly higher. This effect is larger when product-category related perceived risk is higher, the product price is higher, and when the customer’s experience with the product category and the online retailer is lower. The final part of the talk was concerned with the results of a study on the effects of migration to a mobile app from a mobile web on purchase behavior. We thank Peter for his visit, and the inspiring talk and discussions.

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