Blick in das LC Gebäude

Research Talk by Ioannis Evangelidis, ESADE Ramon Llull University (ES)


In our second instalment of the Research Seminar Series this semester, Ioannis Evangelidis, of ESADE Ramon Llull University in Spain presented his research on alternatives to traditional five- and seven-point scales to measure preferences in marketing.  Dr. Evangelidis presented evidence that more granulated scales, e.g. twenty-point scales or even fifty- or one hundred-point scales, are better at capturing slight differences in preferences.  Although people using more granulated scales do make more errors using such scales, the error is less than previously thought.  Dr. Evangelidis advocates therefore that twenty-point scales are optimal at capturing slight differences in preferences, while minimising error at the same time.

Many thanks to Dr. Evangelidis for his visit and the lively discussions which followed his presentation.  For information on the upcoming guest speakers at the Research Seminar Series, please check the agenda.

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