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Green Challenge Weeks at WU - Who is more sustainable: Students or WU staff?


During the next two weeks, the "Green Challenge Weeks" take place at WU (May 06 - 17). The main question is: Who is more sustainable? Students or Profs?*

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Get a 0,50€ WU Mensa voucher at the main entrance of WU Mensa (the vouchers are handed out daily and can be redeemed for any menu).

  2. By redeeming the voucher for a veggie/vegan menu (Counter 1), you collect points for your team (1 menu = 1 point).


​​​​At the end of the two weeks, we will see which team has ordered rel. more veggie/vegan meals.

*Profs symbolically stands for the entire WU faculty and staff and hence includes all WU employees.

You can find more information in the flyer. If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Maier (

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