Im Sprachlernzentrum nimmt eine Studierende ein französisches Wörterbuch aus dem Regal

Fair Use Policy

Dear students,

please notice our Fair Use Policy:

  • The computer workstations in the Language Resource Center are to be used for language learning only.

  • Students not engaged in language learning activities are requested to use the workstations in the library, the PC lab (LC, level -1), and the Teaching Center.

  • We reserve the right to ask students not engaged in language learning activities to leave the Language Resource Center.

  • Reserved workplaces (with books, papers, etc.) that are obviously not being used for language learning activities will be cleared to make space for language learning students. Items cleared from workstations can be retrieved from the Helpdesk located by the entrance of the Language Resource Center.

  • Set the time on the parking disk if you need to be away from your workstation (up to 30 min).

  • If no parking disk has been set at an unoccupied workstation, we reserve the right to clear it for other students.

  • Working on personal laptops is not allowed on seats with a PC. This helps students who need to work on a computer but do not have their own laptop with them.

Vienna, November 2, 2022
Your Language Resource Center team