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Mind your Data!

A Comparative Benchmark Study on the Privacy of Internet Services

produced by the students of Prof. Sarah Spiekermann’s Privacy & Security Master Class (Winter Semester 2017/2018); Institute for MIS @WU Vienna in co-operation with the Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab

  • 25 online services are benchmarked as to their privacy friendliness; including Facebook, What‘sApp, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, GoogleMaps, Gmail, etc.

  • Examples are given on why you should care to regain control over your data

  • Many practical tips by the students themselves

  • With a forward by Jan Philipp Albrecht (European Parliament, Green Party)

  • Download it <here> for free

„I hope that efforts like this will help to inspire the online service market to improve their privacy proposition and I also want to encourage citizens to continue a bottom-up engagement of this type to raise privacy awareness among the general public“ (Jan Philipp Albrecht, Jan 2018)

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