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Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Edward W.N. Bernroider

Chair of Institute for Information Management and Control

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4441 /-6636 (secretaries)
E-mail: edward[dot]bernroider[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


ao. Univ.Prof. MMag. DDr. Roman Brandtweiner
Vice Chair of Institute for Information Management and Control

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4774
E-mail: roman[dot]brandtweiner[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Dr. Everist Limaj, MSc. (WU) BSc.
Assistant Professor

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5224
E-mail: everist[dot]limaj[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Peter Virag, Msc.
Research and Teaching Associate

Tel.: +43-31336-6137
E-mail: peter[dot]virag[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Anita Neumannova

Anita Neumannova, MSc
Teaching and Research Associate

Tel: +43-1-31336-5202

E-mail: anita[dot]neumannova[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


photo of Felix Reiter

Felix Reiter, BSc
Teaching and Research Assistant

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6215
E-mail: felix[dot]reiter[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

Associated Researchers

[Translate to English:] Picture of Corinna Raith

Mag. Corinna Raith
Doctoral Candidate

E-mail: corinna[dot]petra[dot]raith[at]s[dot]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

FH-Prof. Dr. Claudia Brauer
Visiting Scholar

E-mail: claudia[dot]brauer[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


External Lecturers

Stefan Bauer

Dr. MMag. Stefan Bauer
External Lecturer

E-mail: stefan[dot]bauer[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Dr. Josef Frysak, MSc.
External Lecturer

E-mail: josef[dot]frysak[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Dr. Barbara Krumay, Bakk. MSc.(WU)
External Lecturer

E-mail: barbara[dot]krumay[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Mag. Sebastian Margiol, MSc.
External Lecturer

E-mail: sebastian[dot]margiol[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Nikolaus Obwegeser

Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser
External Lecturer

E-mail: nikolaus[dot]obwegeser[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

[Translate to English:] Picture of Adrianus J.G. Silvius

Dr. A. J. Gilbert Silvius, MBA.
External Lecturer

E-mail: mail[at]gilbertsilvius[dot]nl


Dr. Roman Walser, MSc. (WU)
External lecturer

Tel.: +43-1-31336-5202
E-mail: roman[dot]walser[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Teaching and Learning Support (Tutors)

Barancan Gültekin

Barancan Gültekin, Bsc

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6885
E-mail: barancan[dot]gültekin[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

Pjetro Dodani

Pjetro Dodani

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6884
E-mail: pjetro[dot]dodani[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at


Silvia Gundacker

Silvia Gundacker, Bakk.
Back Office

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4441
E-mail: silvia[dot]gundacker[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

Picture of Dennis Parkash

Dennis Parkash, BA
Back Office

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6636
E-mail: Dennis[dot]Parkash[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

Bettina Martin, BBSc

Bettina Martin, BBSc
Back Office (maternity leave)

Tel.: +43-1-31336-6636
E-mail: bettina[dot]martin[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

System Administration

Dipl.-Ing. Oleg Vystavkin

Tel.: +43-1-31336-4793
E-mail: oleg[dot]vystavkin[at]wu[dot]ac[dot]at

Former Staff

Dipl.-Ing. Florian TürkProject Assistant
Dr. Nikolaus ObwegeserProject Assistant
Dr. Konradin MaierProject Assistant
Andreas Glinsner, BSc.Tutor
Roya Amin SobhaniTutor
Attila OraveczTutor
Ursula AblingerTutor
Dominik GuggenbergerTutor
Petra PajicResearch Assistant
Toni HolzingerTutor
Dr. Thomas HuberExternal Lecturer
Dr. MMag. Stefan BauerResearch and Teaching Associate
Bettina Pospisil, BA.Research Assistant
Sandra Vogel, BSc.Research Assistant
Pascal Schraml, BSc.Research Assistant
Jennifer LesslTutor
Dr. Josef Frysak, MSc.Research and Teaching Associate
Mag. Sebastian Margiol, MSc.Research and Teaching Associate
Katharina Dinhof, BSc.Research Assistant
Daniel LilekTutor
Predrag JelicTutor
Jennifer ReismüllerTutor
Dr. Barbara Krumay, Bakk. MSc. (WU)Assistant Professor
Mag. Dr. Dagmar Silvius-ZuchiExternal Lecturer
Prof. PD Dr. Stefan KochExternal Lecturer
Jakob MossgöllerTutor
Mag. Christian KudlerExternal Lecturer
BSc, MA Barbara UngerExternal Lecturer
Eveline DietzSecretary
Regina ZiegelwangerSecretary
Dr. Lore NeumannExternal Lecturer
Dr. MBA Josef KolbitschLecturer