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Alessio Delpero, Ph.D.

Alessio Delpero, MBA

Alessio Delpero, MBA

Assistant Professor (Post Doc)


Alessio has been working for two decades in the sport and hospitality industries, where he has founded and managed companies of different sizes. In addition to managerial experience, he has an MBA from Rotman School of Management and HSG Sankt Gallen that helped him to gain broad and detailed exposure to the critical aspects of administering a business.

During his career, Alessio became increasingly interested in understanding innovation and the fundamental role it plays in a firm's strategy. His curiosity to better understand the drivers of the value and success of innovation led him to pursue a  Ph.D. at Bocconi University and to study the factors that enable firms to generate the most impactful new products.

In recent years, he has been teaching in the field of technology and innovation strategy and supervising start-up projects in cooperation with incubators and accelerators.

Research interests