Außenansicht der oberen Stockwerke der Executive Academy


In our research we develop management approaches that enable organizations to cope with some major challenges that the competitive environment of the 21st century induces and to leverage the emerging opportunities. These management approaches are characterized by an integrative and innovative approach of strategic management, technology, and organization design.

The focus areas are Open Innovation and User Innovation. Point of departure is the paradigm shift from closed and producer-centered innovation processes or organizational forms towards open, user-centered, democratized, and collaborative innovation processes or organizational forms. We have tied together the current research themes in our Research Program.

The Research Program is embedded in a more general framework of research themes at the interface of strategy, technology, and organization in which the Institute has been active.

We apply an empirical research approach and collaborate in our research with leading researchers, universities, and companies. The objective of our research is to provide significant contributions to the scientific debate and to derive meaningful managerial implications.