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a successful winter term 2023/24!


Article of Michael Kopel, Clemens Löffler and Thomas Pfeiffer

"Complementary monopolies and multi-product firms"

Visit from Japan

Ass.Prof. Tomomi Shiosaki (middle) and Prof. Yuko Katsuo (left) with Prof. Anne d'Arcy

Invitation of the Kyushu University, Japan

Teaching Stay of Prof. Dr. Anne d'Arcy in Japan

Article of Robert Lindorfer, Anne d'Arcy and Jonas Puck

Locaction Decisions and the Liability of Foreignness: Spillover Effects Between Factor Market and Capital Market Strategies

Article of Michael Kopel, Clemens Löffler and Thomas Pfeiffer

"Sourcing strategies of a multi-input-multi-product firm"

Article of Francisca Bremberger, Carlo Cambini, Klaus Gugler and Laura Rondi

"Dividend Policy in Regulated Industries: Evidence from the EU"

Workshop "Corporate Governance in Network Industries (CGNI)"

On October 29th, 2015 the Workshop on "Corporate Governance in Network Industries" took place.

Article of Florian Hoos, Natalia Kochetova-Kozloski and Anne Christine d'Arcy

The Importance of the Chief Audit Executive's Communication: ...

Article of Christoph Bremberger, Francisca Bremberger, Mikulas Luptacik and Stephan Schmitt

"Regulatory impact of environmental standards on the eco-efficiency of firms"

Publication of Anne d'Arcy

"Sunshine-Regulierung aus dem Blickwinkel des Regulators"


Topics for bachelor and master theses online!
Of course, the Institute for Corporate Governance offers the possibility to write a bachelor or master thesis at the Institute. A list of the supervised research areas and topics can be found here.

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