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Online Proceedings 2012

IACCM Online Conference Proceedings June 2012

Bell, R.: Teaching ethics as culture: the paper

Caiazza, R.; Nueno, P.: New challenges and integration models in cross-boarder M&A

Calvelli, A.; Cannavale, C.; Tutore, I: 'As is' and 'should be'. Does the difference between practice and values affect early-stage entrepreneurial activities?

Calza, F.; Hireche, A.; Aliane, N.; Cannavale, C.: Exploring saudi managerial culture. Some evidence about performance orientation and assertiveness

Canestrino, R.; Magliocca, P.; Nocilla, G.: Cross-boarder knowledge transfer within mncs: The role of international executives in managing cultural diversities

Carrasco, A.; Laffarga, J.; Ruiz-Barbadillo: Cultural differences and board gender diversity

Chudzikowski, K.; Schiffinger, M.; Waldhäusl, R.: The moderating effect of co-worker support on role stress and work adjustment: A comparison of national and international assignments

Claes, M-T.; Hanappi-Egger, E.: Think local, act global? On the introduction of discrimination from a cross-cultural gender perspective

Covarrubias Venegas, B.: HR progress: Human resource management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

Dauber, D.; Saxena, M.: Explaining communication patterns through personality traits and individual value preferences: First insights from an experimental pilot study

Eisenberg, J.; Williams, G.: The effects of cultural intelligence on multicultural teams' project performance

Ferarra, M.; Varriale, L.: Menoring relationships in cross cultural research collaboration teams: An exploratory study

Fink, G.; Wäckerle, M.; Yolles, M.: Values, evolutionary economic theory and agency

Go, F. M.; Trunfio, M.: Hybridizing cultures under monolithic conditions. The effects of global networks and governance of locally embedded knowledge

Guerrero, E. G.; Kim, A.: Examining the role of leadership capacity in the implementation of organiszational cross-cultural competence

Ivanova, O.; Schiavone, F.: Legitimancy challenges for smes in transition environments trying to access international markets

Kubyshinka, Y.: Development of intercultual competence of russian employees in korean companies (the case of hyundai motor company in Saint-Petersburg)

Lenz,  S.; Covarubias Venegas, B.: How to foster intercultural competencies by digital media in educational context - is it possible, realistic, and effective?

Maimone, F.: The cous-cous culture. Hybridization, intercultural competences and trans-cultural practices in global organizations

Miras Rodriguez, M.; Carrasco Gallego, A.; Escobar Perez, B.: Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: A cross-cultural analysis

Obermeit, T.; Fink, S.: The effects of the positive deviance approach on cultural diversity management

Resciniti, R.; Matarazzo, M.; Iavarone, A.: Product/Country image effects and entry strategies in foreign markets

Risitano, M.; Tutore, I.; Sorrentino, A.; Quintano, M.: Evaluating the role of national culture on tourist perceptions: an empirical survey

Yazics, S.: Organizational culture and goal system in a german state university