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BBE Specializations in Economics

Our department offers two specializations in Economics:
Economics Core and Economics Fields

Why choose specializations in Economics?


Apply for Economics Core if you want to learn the foundations of economics (20 ECTS).

Apply for both Economics Core and Economics Fields to gain expert knowledge in economics (40 ECTS).

Once you have successfully completed the courses in Economic Fields, we will be happy to supervise your bachelor's thesis.

Should you wish to pursue a master’s degree in economics, we strongly advise you complete both Economics Core and Economics Fields.


For the Economics Core, we recommend that you first complete the foundation courses Foundations in Microeconomics and Foundations in Macroeconomics) and then register for Advanced Microeconomics and Advanced Macroeconomics.

For the Economics Fields, we recommend that you complete all relevant foundation courses and the three Economics Core courses (Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics I) and then register for Economics Fields courses.

Economics Core

Economics Core

Select 5 courses for 20 ECTS in 3 semesters.

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economic fields

Economics Fields

Select 3 courses for 20 ECTS in 2 semesters.

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More information on the Bachelor's Program Business and Economics


For a first impression on the topics offered in BBE Core and BBE Fields, please feel free to watch the video on Macroeconomics by Professor Klaus Prettner.

Video Economic models

Economic models

Macroeconomics: Economic models

If you are further interested, you can find many more videos on a Bachelor's level here:

Introductory Macroeconomics
Advanced Macroeconomics