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TODAY - 12. July 2023 - Climate change, mobility and vulnerable populations in complex systems


Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU, Vienna) and Lisa Thalheimer-Prezyna (UNU, Bonn)

This Wednesday, 12 July 2023, the Department of Economics is organizing a mini-workshop in the framework of the eXplore! project.

The description is here:

Climate change, mobility and vulnerable populations in complex systems, D4.2.008 (2nd floor, D4 building)

Organizers: Jesus Crespo Cuaresma (WU, Vienna) and Lisa Thalheimer-Prezyna (UNU, Bonn)


Climate change exacerbates preexisting habitability challenges that affect the most socially vulnerable populations as well as peace and conflict outcomes worldwide. Hundreds of millions of people are potentially trapped in involuntarily immobility, especially following conflict and disaster-induced displacement. Non-local populations with limited mobility are at risk to exposure from unprecedented, and compound climatic hazards such as riverine flooding, drought, temperature extremes, and wildfires.

This workshop – including both presentations of scientific papers and plenary discussion – examines the habitability implications of climate change from a systems perspective, including exposure and vulnerability.

Speakers will address challenges at local, regional, and global scales in modeling these complex systems, governance, and policy issues to improve conditions of habitability, conflict, and vulnerable populations in the context of climate change.

13:00 Gregor Zens (IIASA): Heterogeneous Human Mobility: A Smooth Approach to Modeling Multi-Population Migration Schedules

13:30 Iulia Marginean (CICERO): Modelling vulnerability to heat stress: Transdisciplinary research on heat-related risks for human health in cities

14:00 Ann-Christine Link (Univ. Marburg; IIASA): The Tail End Of Migration: Assessing the Climate Resilience of Migrant Households in Ethiopia

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Roman Hoffmann (IIASA): Environmental change and migration intentions in Latin America

15:30 Wendy Ramirez Gonzalez (IIASA): Exploring patterns of internal migration in Latin America

16:00 Melissa Tier (Princeton University; IIASA): Justice preferences in urban climate adaptation policy

16:30 Plenary discussion, conclusions

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