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Talis Tebecis Wins TALENTA Award 2024 for Master’s Thesis


Excellent master’s thesis titled ‘Have climate policies been effective in Austria? A reverse causal analysis’.

Congratulations to Talis Tebecis for his outstanding master’s thesis titled “Have Climate Policies Been Effective in Austria? A Reverse Causal Analysis.”

Talis Tebecis was nominated by his supervisor, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, and has won the “Talenta” Award 2024 for exceptional master’s theses.

The thesis holds significant relevance as it informs climate policy in Austria and has broader applications for the European climate policy discussion. The working paper has already been submitted for the consultation process of the Austrian National Energy and Climate Plan (NEKP), and the results are expected to contribute to the NEKP’s revision.

Furthermore, the research question, theoretical framework, methodology, and scientific contribution demonstrate outstanding quality, comparable to top-level research projects conducted by leading scholars in the field.

The study has been published in the Department of Economics Working Paper Series No. 346 and has received the “Talenta” Award 2024.

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