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Oanh Nguyen Hoang is visiting the Department


Senior lecturer at National Economics University (NEU), Hanoi, Vietnam

It is a great pleasure to welcome Oanh Nguyen Hoang who visiting our Department until summer.

Oanh is a senior lecturer at National Economics University (NEU), Hanoi, Vietnam.

She teaches macroeconomics, international macroeconomics and public economics.

In her research, she focuses on public finance, economics of education, and green economics.

Oanh is an alumna of WU and our department. She graduated with a PhD in economics at WU in 2008 (under supervision of the Institute for Public Sector Economics).

Since then, she has twice received the Ernst Mach (OeAD) Follow-Up Grant for a short-term research stay at WU (2017 and 2023).

During her stay, Oanh works on a project investigating gender inequality in access to higher education in Austria.

Oanh would be happy to meet with you.

She has a desk in one of the Department’s offices on the first floor; and you can also reach her via Email at or

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