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Karl Aiginger & Oleksandra Moskalenko: The future of Ukraine


Publication in the REM journal: "Reconstructing Ukraine: how to design a Marshall Plan"


This policy paper proposes using the US Marshall Plan launched in 1947 as an example of how to support Ukraine in the aftermath of a war that has demolished infrastructure and normal living conditions. It makes use of historical findings, combining them with suggestions for the 21st century. The assistance has to be significant, and its direction and use should build on the needs and wants of Ukraine, while drawing on international experience with challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and reshoring. All of these problems call for ‘rebuilding better’. A possible demographic catastrophe due to rapid depopulation must also be addressed. Who provides the funding and who supervises it, will be important, not just for Ukraine, who wants to become EU-member.

Reconstructing Ukraine: how to design a Marshall Plan - PDF

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